Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

Why would someone wish to experience a QHH Session? Any number of reasons!

Some people are looking for help with healing a physical issue or disease. Other people have emotional issues or relationship problems. Some people want to know what their life purpose is, or if they are on the right path. Still others have questions about reality and consciousness itself and are looking for answers.

During a QHH Session you may experience one or more "lives" and discover deep and profound connections to your current life situation.  Then, we make a connection to your Higher Self or Oversoul, that part of us that Dolores Cannon calls the Subconscious . There we can ask for answers and appropriate healing.

Dolores Cannon and QHHT History and Information

Dolores Cannon, had been practicing her method for 45 years when she passed to the spirit world in October, 2014.  She continues to be felt by many of her practitioners  continuing her amazing QHHT sessions


Worldwide List of QHHT Dedicated Practitioners

Lorraine is a dedicated QHHT pracitioner and has assisted many people in their search for questions about their lives/purpose.  Lorraine knows that people get exactly what they are to receive in these sessions and she is confident of the spiritual work that is being done for them through their higher selves or what Doloros called the Subconscious.  Lorraine became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2008 and has been doing past life regressions for the years before finding Dolores Cannon's work and is highly skilled in this hypnosis.  




I wasn't sure what to expect with a QHHT session but needed questions answered about my life.  My session with Lorraine helped me answer  many questions I had.  The session was more interesting than what I could have imagined.


I know I  was in need of healing and so asked Lorraine for a QHHT session.  The results were profound.  I felt lighter after our sessions together and my questions were answered.