My Services


Biofield Tuning:   (contraindications: cancer, pregnancy, pacemaker)


  weight loss

  smoking cessation

  past life regression

Massage Therapy (CAMTC  #73905)*


  Hypnotherapist CCHt (California Hypnotherapy Academy 2008, 300 hours ~ Dr. Katherine           Zimmerman)

  Quantum Touch I & II

  Reiki I, II, Master*

  Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy (Dolores Cannon)

  Biofield Tuning certification

  Massage Therapist (Fair Oaks Massage Therapy School 2017 ~ 500 hours)*


*Reiki & Massage Therapy ~ @ another site


(I am a healer facilitator, the people I assist heal themselves, I am merely a channel for others.)

Many people are unaware that the visuals they see affect their bodies in many ways.  Relaxing images relax our bodies.

Disclaimer:  I do not advise on medications or medical conditions.  Please see your medical doctor

for all health questions and concerns.