Lorraine McCall Chilson, RN, BSN
Biofield Tuning
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Massage Therapist ~ CAMTC #73905*

QHHT Practitioner

Reiki Master*

Quantum Touch I & II

Pranic Healing

Crystal Bed Sessions 

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Lorraine McCall Chilson is an energy healer.  She has worked as a dedicated nurse for over 26 years in fields including hospice, cardiology, ICU, and ER.  After years of studying and practicing Western Medicine in various hospitals and centers across Sacramento County, Lorraine decided to follow her bliss. In 2005, she received The Call as outlined in The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. This is a deep inner journey of transformation, a path that leads through great movements of separation, descent, ordeal and return.  The hero returns with an elixir, which, for Lorraine, are lessons to assist others.  Lorraine has devoted herself to creating a well-rounded healing practice. She is professionally trained in Hypnotherapy, Biofield Tuning (with tuning forks), sound healing (crystal bowls and shamanic instruments), Quantum Touch I & II, both Reiki and Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, massage therapy and biomodulator therapy with voltage.  Lorraine’s goal is to assist individuals in awakening from the dream of separation, out of patterns of fear and illness and into coherence and creativity.

Now I speak to you from first person.  We are at a crucial stage in our development.  It is time to awaken from the dream.  In 2017, while training in massage therapy and receiving daily massages, my mind became quiet.  I had no thoughts.  The peace of this state of mind affected me in a way that I didn't want to do anything other than lay down and experience this complete bliss.  I didn't realize how profound this was for me and humanity because there is one consciousness and when one becomes quiet, this affects the whole of humanity.  

Around 2009 I started seeing other dimensional "dark energies."  This eventually led me to David Icke's work.  Humanity is awakening to the imprisonment that we have all been under for eons.  It is time to awaken.   

In 2018 I shifted into a state of consciousness where I was simply awareness, no longer in the egoic state of consciousness.  I had been listening to Ramana Maharshi youtubes and had been diligently "doing self inquiry," when this shift occurred.  I was very aware within this state of mind of the illusion of this reality.  There is no I and you and them.   We are a total oneness and are here on Earth in a physical body/computer to assist in the awakening of humanity and to love one another.




"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." 

                                                                                                                                 -Joseph Cambell